Analytics and SEO Sounds Like a Foreign Language

For class today we had to complete two online courses about Google Analytics. Honestly, I completed both of the courses but I struggled to follow along. I have always struggled with collecting and interpreting data and this week’s material is no different. I really want to better understand this stuff though, so I am going to share the things that I did learn this week so that I can come back to this post as I learn more to fill in any gaps.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. From what I understood from this article, SEO is a way to increase your site’s visibility and expand your audience. The goal is to make your site easy to find through a search engine which can improve the site’s performance, whether that be through sales, engagement, etc.

Analytics are a way to understand what is working on your site, as well as what isn’t working, based on data like site traffic and demographic information. Sites like Google Analytics make this more convenient by putting it all in one place. The reports that Google Analytics creates for you will vary based on your objectives and your role.

I started to get really lost when the course talked about tags and dimensions and metrics.

I have the Google Analytics plug-in installed in WordPress, and I try to check-in every few days to how much traffic my site has had. Other than that, the features of the plug-in go totally over my head.

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