Total Overhaul… Again

We had the first tutorial since the strike last week, and Christina gave me some feedback that disrupted my progress. She told me that my website design needed some improvement, which I kind of expected to hear but wasn’t ready for because the design process has been such a headache for me. That day, I decided to change the theme of my website once again to one that allows for more customization. The theme and layout of my site does stray quite far from what I originally imagined it to look like, but I am surprisingly pleased with the result. The new theme looks more sleek and refined, I was able to insert a photo into the header, which my previous theme did not allow. I also added a logo to my site, so now there is a little dumbbell next to the URL.

One thing that I have struggled with all semester is trying to create the “About” page. No matter how many tutorials I watched, I was never able to make it a separate page. I originally made the “about” section a post and then assigned the post to a menu category. As a result, when I clicked on the “about” menu section, the content was displayed as a post that I had to click on to read, rather than being directly displayed on the page. I’m not sure how I missed it for so long, but after more exploring I discovered how to add a page to a menu, and it solved all of my “about” section problems. I now have a whole page dedicated to the section that is connected to my sites menu, which is a big win for me.

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